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Paper Review & Turnin

For a paper you are assigned to review (Canvas > Home > Paper Review > paper_assignment), you should complete this form. Please make a copy of this document, fill in the information, and and make sure that the final version is uploaded here. This folder is visible to other students. This simulates real reviewing where your reviews will be visible by other reviews, (senior) area chairs, and program chairs. After the deadline, I recommend looking at other reviews and checking your work.

Before you start writing the review, carefuly go over this tutorial for more details and useful tips. You will see that the tutorial suggest to NOT do the following:

  • The authors could also do [extra experiment X]
  • The authors should have done X instead

For the purpose of this class, feel free to make a note of additional experiments or a different framing in a special section titled “Additional comments for the class”.


  • Summary (5 points)
  • Strengths (5 points)
  • Weaknesses (5 points)
  • Comments (2 points)
  • Limitations and Societal Impact (2 points)
  • Ethical Concerns (1 point)

Some resources to help you write better reviews